Who we are

We are one of the leading procurement company since 2010 originated from Australia. We are producers & importers of the finest quality foods from all over the globe.

We supply to Catering Companies, General Trade, HORECA sector, Retail Chain stores, well known Restaurants, cruise ships, army camps as well as other food and beverage related companies. Our network of reliable supply principals and well-established strategic partners help us to address the challenges faced by our customers in our rather transforming business environment.


To build consistent business relationships to a high level of reputation in the marketplace.

Thoroughly understand our customers’ businesses to allow us to serve their interests through better, faster, and targeted actions.


Provide competitive services through the integration of technical expertise, customer service and business ethics. Impeccable integrity and demonstrating the passion for winning is our core mission.

Global Network

Our worldwide longstanding relations with manufacturers, producers and brand developers allow us to provide our clients a diverse line of products satisfying their expectations and improving their operation.


No account is too big or too small. We can service commercial food suppliers of all sizes, from a reputed cafe through to the largest national businesses in the country. Such an assortment of clients means that a wide range of catering supplies and wholesale food products are necessary to fully provide for and service our clients’ needs. Our in-depth knowledge of the market and industry requirements such as the necessary product characteristics, product specifications, legal matters and local regulations established Mohammed Jassim Al Kuwari Foods as one of the prominent sourcing enterprises in the region.