We have a proud history of providing Australian meat to consumers, butchers, supermarkets and the food service industry at large with the highest quality meats including beef, lamb and Mutton (Goat) products. We value the relationships we’ve built up over the years, fostering our connections the only way we know how – by adding value and delivering on our promises. Animal welfare is highly valued, so we only partner with businesses that feel the same.

All our meats are supplied from Hancock Prospecting PTY LTD. Agriculture,
The largest livestock company in Australia.  www.hancockprospecting.com.au
In association with MJ MAHSA GROUP (Mohammed Jassim Alkuwari Foods LLC.)


  • Beef Topside
  • Beef Striplion
  • Beef Tenderloin
  • Beef Cuberoll
  • Beef Knuckle
  • Beef D-Rump
  • Beef Blade
  • Beef Chuck


  • Mutton Carcass 6 way cut
  • Mutton Leg Boneless
  • Mutton Leg Bone in
  • Lamb Carcass 6 way cut
  • Lamb Leg Boneless
  • Lamb Leg Bone in
  • Australian Lamb Chops
  • Australian Lamb Rack