Highly Nutritional Organic Pulses   

Our mission at TOM BARKER Pty. Ltd. is to be the premier produce supplier in the region that fulfils all our customer’s needs by offering the highest-quality produce, unwavering reliability, and superior customer service. Our top priorities are producing and delivering only the highly nutritional organic products, strategic merchandising, and convenience so we can help our customers’ businesses grow.

Why Choose TOM BARKER?

Reliability – Tom Barker Group has been an industry influencer in providing superior products and services for more than 10 years.

Benefits – Our substantial production and quality gives us the advantage to consistently provide our customers the well-known brands that their shoppers recognize and trust at competitive prices.

Experience – The entire Tom Barker Team includes experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated staff at both the wholesale and retail level. Our Leadership Team has decades of experience in the industry, so our customers trust us to make sure that the very last person to experience our produce is the most satisfied.

Service – Not only will we produce the best product for customer’s needs, we offer it at a competitive price with round the clock international supply and distribution network across the region.

Trust – We have decade-long relationships with many of our customers who experience our Mission every day. Consistent daily interaction establishes our customers confidence that growing their business is our goal.


  • Natural Brown Sugar Crystal 500g pouch
  • Natural Brown Sugar Crystal 1 kg pouch


  • Himaliyan Pink Salt 250g bottle
  • Himaliyan Pink Salt 500g bottle
  • Himaliyan Pink Salt 1 kg pouch


  • Brown Rice Organic 500g pouch
  • Brown Rice Organic 1 kg pouch
  • Sela Rice Organic 500g pouch
  • Sela Rice Organic 1 kg pouch


  • MORINGA Tea Organic 250g
  • MORINGA Tea Organic 500g


  • ROSE WATER Organic 120g bottle
  • ROSE WATER Organic 500g bottle


  • Natural HONEY 500g Squeeze bottle
  • Natural HONEY 1 kg Squeeze bottle